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If you have a Supplementary Retirement Scheme fund ("SRS"), you may want to consider investing in Aviva's MyIncomePlus to enhance your returns.


Currently, SRS Funds only earn 0.05% p.a.. This is extremely low even in today's low interest rate environment! As you will likely leave the SRS Funds in the scheme for a long time, it is worth considering investing the funds to provide you with higher returns in the long-term.


Aviva's MyIncomePlus is designed specifically to maximise your tax benefits from your SRS account.


Its features include:


  • Single premium investment from SRS is invested until retirement age
  • Regular income is received from retirement age for 10 years, maximising the 50% tax concession.
  • A choice to continue to receive regular income after that or to receive a lump sum maturity pay-out**
  • Up to 1.81% p.a. guaranteed return at maturity and over 3% p.a. expected return after including bonuses.


MyIncomePlus provides a guaranteed return of up to 1.81% at maturity and it is 100% capital guaranteed at the end of the accumulation period (choice of 5 or 10 years). This means that the guaranteed return at maturity could be up to 36x of the SRS rate! Additional bonuses to your policy will give you an even higher return.



Best SRS Product for High Income Stream


100% Capital Guaranteed


Earn up to 36 times the guaranteed SRS return


Maximises the SRS 50% tax concession by spreading out SRS withdrawals

through the regular Guaranteed Monthly Income 



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See Aviva's MyIncomePlus brochure here.


Here are some FAQs about MyIncomePlus and how it maximises your SRS:


1. How is MyIncomePlus different to stock, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and real estate investment trusts (REITs)?


MyIncomePlus is capital guaranteed and offers guaranteed returns. This is unlike stocks, ETFs and REITs where your capital can be wiped out by market movements. On top of the guaranteed returns, MyIncomePlus provides additional non-guaranteed returns. Once the insurer declares the bonus each year, this bonus is locked-in and cannot be taken away.


2. When can I start withdrawing from my SRS account without penalty?
You can make withdrawals after the statutory retirement age based on when your first SRS contribution was made.


3. What does the 50% tax concession mean?


After your retirement age, you can start withdrawing from your SRS account for a period of 10 years. Only 50% of the funds withdrawn are subject to income tax. As income up to $20,000 attract no income tax in Singapore, you can withdraw up to $40,000 SRS funds ($20,000 x 2) per year without having to pay any tax. This means that you can withdraw up to $400,000 tax-free over 10 years!


The guaranteed monthly income from MyIncomePlus could be completely tax free if the monthly income does not exceed $3,333 per month. ($40,000 over 12 months)


* Based on a 41 year old Male Non-Smoker.

** MyIncomePlus is not classified as a life annuity. So the 50% tax concession after 10 years will not apply. However, if your withdrawals (and other income) continue to be below the lowest income tax bracket, you will enjoy withdrawals tax free. 



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