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Your Reward points for Insurance Policies : 5%*


For every S$100 of total cash premiums paid for insurance policies purchased via our platform, you can earn up to 5 DIY points* which is S$5 worth of rewards!


 Compare Products, Buy Online and Get Rewarded.










The Point is you, thank you!


We have deliberately kept our DIYRewards system simple yet flexible for our dear customers. Every 1 DIY point is worth S$1. All purchases through our website earn you points.


Don’t like what you see in the rewards catalogue. No problem. We can customise rewards for you if you have accumulated more than S$500 / 500 DIY points.


Now, that’s what we call a flexible rewards system! Contact our Rewards Concierge at now.



* See the information on DIY Points included in the product comparison tables when you get a quote. Terms and conditions apply for all our DIY Rewards Points program. Please see the Terms and Conditions here