Aberdeen Standard Fixed Maturity Fund

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Indicative Yield: 3.3% - 3.4% p.a.



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Key features for Aberdeen Standard's
Emerging Markets Bond Fixed Maturity 2024 Fund 

Guaranteed Returns

3.3% - 3.4% p.a. indicative yield. 

(Gross of 0.2% platform fee.)

3 year term

4-Year Term

Capital Guaranteed

Average Investment grade credit rating


SGD Hedged Investment

InsureDIY Online Application


Why Apply for Emerging Markets Bond Fixed Maturity Fund 2024 - CLOSED

Emerging Markets Bond Fixed Maturity Fund 2024 (“The Fund”) has an attractive indicative USD net yield of 3.3% -3.4% p.a over a fixed 4-year period. Although the returns are not guaranteed, downside risk is closely managed through diversification and holding bonds maturing close to the 4 year period of the fund. The indicative SGD hedged net yield is 3.23% - 3.33% p.a. after allowing of hedging costs.

Aberdeen has an excellent track record with Fixed Maturity Funds with no defaults in the last tranche launched. The last tranche is on track to provide the yield indicated at that time.

Please apply soon if you are keen! We will need to help set up your Phillip Securities trading account tagged to us.

Fixed Maturity Funds are usually available through private banks only. InsureDIY is proud to partner with Aberdeen Standard to offer this product to you! Note that The Fund is classified as a Specified Investment Product. 

Have a question you need answered?  

Email us (best way to reach us): sg_service@insurediy.com

Text us:  +65 8241 0688, Call us: +65 3138 6784 (Mon to Fri:  9am - 5pm) 

How to Apply


Apply above (we will set up your FAME trading account with Phillip Securities*.)

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You will be notified to complete the FAME account onboarding process with Phillip Securities. 

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Transfer your funds into your FAME trading account.

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Notification to authorise the trade will be sent out.

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Exclusive InsureDIY Promotion

Each DIY$ is worth $1 and can be exchanged for vouchers including InsureDIY vouchers, NTUC Fairprice and Cold Storage vouchers. Or cash out at DIY$500! Check out our rewards catalogue here.

Single Premium Amount Promotion
$300,000 and above DIY$100 + $200 Motor Insurance Voucher
$200,000 to $299,999     DIY$60 + $100 Motor Insurance Voucher
$100,000 to $199,999 DIY$30
$50,000 to $99,999 DIY$10
$30,000 to $49,999 DIY$5

You can now also use your existing DIY$ to get cash rebates on The Fund and get 25% boost up on your points!

Redeemable Cash Rebate
DIY$8 $10
DIY$40 $50
DIY$80 $100

* Reward points are credited 3 months after the launch of the Fund. The Motor Insurance voucher can only be used for Motor Insurance renewed or applied sucessfully through InsureDIY. No other promotions will be applicable.


Referral Program

The Fund is also eligible for the Refer a Friend program. Refer your friends and family and get DIY$10 for each referral.

DIY$ can be exchanged for vouchers including InsureDIY vouchers, NTUC Fairprice and Cold Storage vouchers. Check out our rewards catalogue here.

How to refer:
Simply ask your friend to select "Referral" during the application process and key in your email address or referral code when they apply for The Fund here

Referral Reward
DIY$10 each

* Only applicable if your friend has not bought any insurance policy or unit trust through InsureDIY before. DIY$ will only be awarded after your friend's free-look period.

Aberdeen Standard SICAV IV - Emerging Markets Bond Fixed Maturity Fund 2024

The Fund has a 4-year term provides an indicative return of 3.3% - 3.4% p.a. (USD) and 3.23% to 3.33% p.a. (SGD hedged).

Key Facts
Fund date inception 26 October 2020
Maturity date 26 October 2024
Subscriptions/redemptions Closed for subscriptions after inception; Daily redemption
Redemption Penalty

Either redemption penalty or dilution levy is applied, but never both.** The redemption penalty is: 

Year 1: 2%
Year 2: 1.5%
Year 3 & 4: 1%

Platform fee p.a. 20 bps***


Here are some common questions about Aberdeen Standard SICAV IV - Emerging Markets Bond Fixed Maturity Fund 2024

1. Will the fund definitely launch?

The fund will launch only if there is a total minimum amount of US$100m from all its investors. So there is a chance that the fund will not launch.


2. What happens to my money if The Fund is not launched?

Your monies will be returned to your trading account with no penalties.


3. Why do I have to apply for a wrap account?

* The wrap account is on a platform run by Phillips Securities and is authorised to collect monies during the Initial Offering Period and to execute trades with fund managers like Aberdeen Standard. Your monies will be held in custody with Phillip Securities in trust. We do not collect your funds or handle your money directly.

As this is a one-time set up process, we will also ask if you want to set up such that you can use your CPF monies for investment in the future in addition to a cash account.


4. Is the return or capital guaranteed?

The Fund invests in over 90 issuers to ensure that it is not overly exposed to any one issuer. While this reduces the risk of defaults, both the return and capital are not guaranteed for this product.


5. What is the minimum and maximum invesment amounts?

There is no maximum investment amount. 


6. Is there a penalty if I redeem my funds during the 4-Year period?

Yes. Either redemption penalty or dilution levy is applied, but never both.

**In ordinary, liquid, market conditions the dilution adjustment will not exceed 2%. In times of adverse market conditions (to be determined by Aberdeen Standard Investments), the dilution adjustment might exceed 2%. This is to ensure that remaining investors in the Fund are not materially disadvantaged by the negative impact from redemptions.


7. What is a platform fee?

*** The Phillip Securities platform will be used to execute transactions, provide statements, hold your funds in custody with Phillip Securities in trust in addition to providing other services. A small fee of 0.2% p.a. will be charged for the platform services and the indicative return shown is before the the deduction of the platform fee. 


8. When should I be thinking about investing into such fixed maturity funds?

If you are keen on savings or investment products and have enough assets such that this investment is not a substantial part of your portfolio, you can consider investing in fixed maturity funds.

In addition, there should not be any factors that are expected to impact you net assets significantly. e.g. expect to use the funds to purchase property soon.

This product provides an indicative return that is higher than guaranteed return products and fixed deposits, but it also has no guarantees.


9. Does the indicative yield of 3.3% - 3.4% p.a. include all charges?

The indicative yield is net of Aberdeen Standard's charges, but is gross of the platform fee of 0.2% p.a.. 


10. Why do I need to set up a Phillips Securities account when I already have POEMS?

The trading account set up will be tagged to InsureDIY. This means that we will be able to help execute the trade and give you our exclusive promotions. The Fund will not be available for direct investment under POEMS.  

InvestDIY is a brand under InsureDIY. InsureDIY is a Broker licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and is an Exempt Financial Adviser. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.