NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease

2.81% p.a. Guaranteed Return

& Capital Guaranteed upon maturity


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NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease

Guaranteed Returns


2.81% p.a. Guaranteed Total 3-Year

Capital Guaranteed

Guaranteed at Maturity

3 year term

3-Year Term

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Why Apply for Gro Capital Ease

NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease is a 3-Year plan that gives a highly attractive guaranteed return of 2.81% p.a. and is capital guaranteed at maturity. It is a product with safe returns at the end of 3 years for your cash or SRS savings! Apply through InsureDIY and get DIY$ redeemable for vouchers!

Please note that allocation for this tranche is on a first-come-first served basis. Please apply early above to secure your allocation!

This plan is suitable if you want:

  • Short-term guaranteed returns at maturity;
  • Low protection (e.g. death) cover
  • Savings for cash or SRS 



InsureDIY is offering NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease with an online processYou will be able to apply and transfer the premium to NTUC Income directly all from the comfort of your own home. We are a broker licensed by MAS and an exempt Financial Adviser.  

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Get DIY$10 for Single Premium amounts of S$60,000 and above and DIY$5 for Single Premium amounts below S$60,000!

Single Premium Amount Bonus Reward
Below S$60,000 DIY$5
S$60,000 and above DIY$10


DIY$ can be exchanged for vouchers including InsureDIY vouchers, NTUC Fairprice and Cold Storage vouchers. Check out our rewards catalogue here.

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Gro Capital Ease Aug 2022 Details

NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease is a 3-year single premium plan that provides a guaranteed return and is capital guaranteed at maturity. This tranche can be paid for with cash or your SRS funds. 

In addition to the guaranteed return at the end of 3 years, NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease also includes an additional 5% Death and Total & Permanent Disability benefit cover from the second year. 

NTUC Income's April 2021 Gro Capital Ease Product Illustration 

Policy Gro Capital Ease (CSN11)
Policy Term 3 Years


  Death Benefit Surrender Value
End of Policy Year Total Premiums Paid to Date (S$) Guaranteed(S$) Guaranteed(S$)
1 1,000.00 1,000.00 822.50
2 1,000.00 1,050.00 845.60
3 1,000.00 1,050.00 869.35
3 1,000.00 Maturity Value


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Here are some common questions
about NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease Plan

1. Is there any difference between buying NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease through InsureDIY or from NTUC Income directly?

InsureDIY is distributing the same NTUC Income Gro Capital Ease plan as NTUC Income, with exclusive promotions that are not available anywhere else. We are also the only distributor to offer an online application process. So you can enjoy more value through our promo, while saving time!


2. Is there a difference between using cash to pay for the NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease premium versus using my SRS Funds? 

No, there is no difference in terms of the return on the policy. Of course, if you use your SRS Funds to pay for the policy, then the proceeds will be paid back to your SRS Fund. For policyholders who pay in cash, the maturity proceeds will be paid by cheque to the policyholder.


3. What is the minimum and maximum premium size for NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease? 

The minimum premium size for NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease is S$20,000. The maximum single premium per insured is S$200,000.


4. What are the minimum and maximum ages for NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease?

Individuals from ages 16 to 80 (last birthday) are eligible to apply for NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease.


5. If I am a foreigner, can I apply for NTUC Income's Gro Capital Ease?

Yes. However, you must be residing in Singapore at the time of application. We would need to collect additional documents:

  • Copy of passport with proof of entry
  • Valid employment pass for those who are working (minimum validity of 6 months prior to expiry)
  • Student pass or dependant pass is required for those who are not working
  • Proof of residential address such as a copy of the utility bills, bank statement or letters issued by statutory or government bodies (dated within past 6 months)
  •  Completed and signed FATCA form and W-9 form (for US citizens residing in Singapore)


Please do email us the above documents at [email protected] after filling in our online application form here.

InsureDIY is a Broker licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and is an Exempt Financial Adviser. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.